I started my first journey as an entrepreneur in April 2015 (18 years old), where I read my first business books and focused on a couple of small projects. Most of them never took off, but I learned a lot. Then, in January 2016 I started my physical product company. I sold my car, to have more capital (5000€ in total) and invested everything into my first two products. I found some good manufacturers in China and launched everything only 2 months later. In the last two years, this business grew to a monthly revenue of + 100.000€ and was profitable after only three months. Our goal is to scale this company and build an 8-figure business in the future. 

In the last years, I Co-Founded over 5 companies in Germany, Dubai and Estonia. I´m also an Investor in several companies, the stock market and other areas.

Next to this I started a little side hustle: My personal brand. I have one of the biggest YouTube channels about entrepreneurship in Germany, where I document my journey. I also started a podcast with a good friend of mine, which is always in the Top 30 of the ITunes Podcast-Charts. The goal is to produce the best quality content, to give something back and help as many people as possible.

The best balance for me is traveling, extreme sports and adventures. I gave up my residence in mid 2017 and since then I travel around the world. New places and different cultures offer so much to learn and new opportunities. On my journey I fall in love with surfing, the nature and the whole balance around it. I believe, that curiosity and gratitude are two of the most important things in life. It´s the key of being happy and successful.


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