With Mindful, we are creating an environment where great ideas are brought to life through the collaborative efforts of individuals, united in our commitment to make a positive impact now and for generations to come.

Earlier life

In 2016, during his studies, Lukas came across a podcast episode about launching an e-commerce startup, which served as a spark for starting his own venture. By selling his first car, a VW Golf 3, he had enough capital to begin the project. He then started to work on his first products, steadily growing this initiative into a successful business in the following years.

Recognizing a gap in educational resources within this field, Lukas partnered up with two friends and several specialists to co-found AMZ Ventures, an incubator for e-commerce startups. This idea evolved into a leading resource hub for startup founders in the e-commerce space, continuing its success to this day. Lukas served as a Partner at the company until 2022.

Learning has always been an important part of his life. In 2020, Lukas first crossed paths with books by authors like Thich Nhat Hanh, Michael Singer, and Brené Brown. Around the same period, he began practicing meditation and immersed himself deeply in a vast array of literature.

This phase marked a period of inner and personal transformation. Lukas intentionally stepped back from social media, questioned various aspects of his life and spent a lot of time in nature. It was a time filled with introspection, fostering new ideas and perspectives. He experienced an inner pull, and with each passing month, there was a growing sense of clarity.

The idea and vision for Mindful steadily took shape during these years. Nurtured by inspiration, encounters, and conversations, it marked the start of a new chapter in his life. Embarking on this journey, Mindful was established in November 2023 with the intention to contribute something meaningful and lasting to the world. Something that extends beyond our own lives.

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