I started my first journey as an entrepreneur in April 2015 (18 years old), where I read my first business books and focused on a couple of small projects. Most of them never took off, but I learned a lot. Then, in January 2016 I started my physical product company. I sold my car, to have more capital (5000€ in total) and invested everything into my first two products. I found some good manufacturers in China and launched everything only 2 months later. The sales went pretty well and every profit was directly reinvested into my company. In one year this business grew to a monthly revenue of 80.000€ and was profitable after only three months. Everything is bootstrapped to this day and is managed by a team of two people.

Between this I founded my first holding and investment company the EVIOX GmbH. We focus on small pre-seed investments.

Next to this I started a little side hustle: My personal brand. I have one of the biggest YouTube channels about entrepreneurship in Germany, where I document my journey. I also started a podcast with a good friend of mine, which is always in the Top 30 of the ITunes Podcast-Charts. The goal is to produce the best quality content, to give something back and help as many people as possible.

I moved to London in June 2017 to found a new innovative tech startup. My goal in life is to build something that people love and makes the world a better place. I like to work hard and execute on new ideas. My plan is to use the cash flow business to finance my disruptive company in the upcoming year. In my free time, I love to travel the world, adventures and extreme sports.



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